South Washington Cascades

 Public Information Statement  Statement as of 9:01 am PST on February 28, 2015

... Snowfall totals since Thursday for the Cascades...

A cooler low pressure system finally brought some much-needed
snowfall to the higher Cascades the past couple days. Unfortunately
totals were not enough to put a significant Dent in this Winters
snow drought... but every little bit helps. Below is a list of some
estimated snow totals based on snotel sites and Oregon Department of
Transportation reports.

Location elevation new snow lat/Lon

                ... South Washington Cascades...

Potato Hill snotel 4500 ft 5 inches 46.35n/121.51w
Surprise Lakes snotel 4250 ft 2 inches 46.09n/121.76w

                  ... north Oregon Cascades...

Timberline Lodge 6000 ft 6 inches 45.33n/121.71w
Mt Hood Meadows 5250 ft 5 inches 45.33n/121.65w
Hoodoo Butte 5700 ft 5 inches 44.40n/121.88w
Santiam Pass 4820 ft 4 inches 44.42n/121.86w
Tombstone Summit 4240 ft 3 inches 44.40n/122.14w
Government Camp 3950 ft 1 inch 45.30n/121.74w

                  ... Lane County Cascades...

Cascade Summit snotel 4880 ft 8 inches 43.59n/122.06w
Willamette Pass 5100 ft 6 inches 43.60n/122.03w
McKenzie snotel 4800 ft 4 inches 44.21n/121.87w
Roaring River snotel 4900 ft 3 inches 43.90n/122.03w

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